Computers in the modern age

In the modern era of science, computing is a key aspect in many people's everyday life. It can be defined as an activity that obtains its goal with the aid of computers. That can mean everything from the creation of computer graphics, software development, document management and doing research on computers. Today, nearly every task we perform is automated and requires some sort of computing. Our lives are adversely affected and shaped by it. The way we work, we play, our freelance work and we interact with each other employ extensive use of this phenomenon. It goes way back in human history. Earliest computing ever recorded is believed to the use of Abacus in 2400 BC for mathematical computation. With the advent of new technology we have obtained computers that can do a variety of tasks, ranging from simple mathematical computation to heavy graphic designing.

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Every task that we perform on the computers let it be playing games, word processing or using software, we are making use of computer programming. Programming is competent task that tells the computer how to perform a certain task. The person who does this process is called a programmer. Although Hollywood has created an image of programmers as tech experts who can hack the FBI website in a matter of seconds from their laptop computers, the reality however is far less interesting and easy.


The world has turned into a global village, thanks to this aspect of computers called networking, where two or more computers are linked together in order to share data between them. A common term known to all would be the Internet. The Internet is a huge public network of all kinds of devices on earth, ranging from computers to PDA's and chips on dog collars, with the same purpose of sharing data. Internet has practically reshaped communication and is expanding rapidly. The words Internet and "Web" is often used interchangeably. To be exact, Internet is everything that a connection between computers holds whereas the Web is the collection of websites on the Internet.


Graphic designing is all around us. In the movies we watch, the books we read, the advertisement billboards and lots more. It is employed in such small yet important tasks such as creating our business cards and product packaging. All this mentioned here barely scratches the surface of the use of computer designing. Designing is mixing words, ideas and colors to convey a message to the audience. Graphic designers use different software to create such designs. Graphic design has proved to be of huge importance for businesses. Design of products is now put on top priority by all corporations and designers are paid well to do their job.

Information Systems

In computing, Information System is a term used for a department within many organizations that handles all kind of data processing and information system. The history of information system goes way beyond the use of computers for this purpose. Many old systems for the circulation of data still exist today. It further contains many subclasses, like data warehousing, database management systems etc.